Autohorn Fleet Services Begins Training Programmes for 2017

Autohorn Fleet Services Begins Training Programmes for 2017

At the beginning of every year, Autohorn Fleet Services hold a company-wide meeting called ‘State of the Nation.’ This meeting’s agenda comprises a review of the previous year, updates on the current company status and goals for the forthcoming year.

Aside from the company’s main targets, Autohorn Fleet Services’s directors are also given targets on specific parts of the business which they will need to tackle personally. This year, Managing Director Lee Underwood has been set a target of providing training programmes for everyone in the business, regardless of their job roles. After months of planning, the target finally became a reality in early December 2016 and will see all of Autohorn Fleet Services’s staff benefiting from enhanced learning throughout 2017.

The project was created in response to the speed at which the industry, and technology, change. This offers every staff member a chance to ensure his or her skills are kept up-to-date. The programmes range from general computer and IT skills to customer service, working up towards degree-level qualifications.

Working with Nita Shah-Evans from Outcome Coaching the training first began in December 2016 at management level. Which will continue until the end of April 2017. Underwood said: “It’s important that our managers are trained well to encourage the growth of our business, as well as ensuring anyone they manage is in a happy working environment.” The course has already seen managers making improvements on standard business processes, which has had a positive effect on Autohorn Fleet Services as a whole.

Following management training, general training has begun for everyone within the business to sharpen their customer service skills. This initial training course is one of six which will be held at the University of York from now until March. With every member of the business taking this course, from the reception team to management level, customers can expect the same high quality of customer service when speaking to any member of the team.

Computer and IT training started in late December and was offered to those who needed to refresh or improve their IT skills. The course offers a deeper understanding of programs such as Microsoft Excel, which helps with formula knowledge, as well as general computer maintenance tips to prevent a slower-performing PC or computer viruses. Autohorn Fleet Services has received great feedback on this course so far, with many team members saying they feel “more comfortable” with their PC.

Specific training has also been offered to staff members who are looking to take on a new role. Working closely with digital marketing experts Agency51, staff members are being given marketing and SEO training to help improve the management of Autohorn Fleet Services’s social media pages as well as the multiple websites under the Autohorn Fleet Services brand.

First aid training has also been offered to 15 different staff members from various departments. This ensures that should there will always be somebody on site available to help, should an emergency situation arise.

It is hoped that this combination of training programmes will contribute to the personal development plan of each individual staff member, helping to increase employability and generally secure a prosperous trading year for 2017 at Autohorn Fleet Services.

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