The Island with Autohorn

The Island with Autohorn

As a Yorkshire born and bred company, we like to do our best to give back and support our local community. Whether this is to improve the area we live in or to create a lasting positive impact benefits everybody.

To achieve this, we nominate and sponsor different York-based charities each year.

For the New Year that has just begun, 2019, we have chosen to sponsor a local charity called ‘The Island’. They are a fantastic organisation that works with young people to improve their lifestyle.

To support their cause over the course of this year, we will be taking part in a variety of challenges, baking our socks off and just doing whatever we can to help.

So now the most important question….

What is The Island?

The Island is a registered charity that was registered in August 2007 and became active in 2008. It offers support to 8 – 13 year-olds in York who may be struggling to cope at home, at school, or in the wider community, or who are experiencing difficult transitions in their lives.

The Island links these young people with volunteer mentors with whom they meet on a weekly basis over the course of a year (or longer if required). This allows them to develop supportive, ongoing relationships, whilst also providing them with the undivided attention and ‘islands of space and time’ they need to increase their confidence and self-esteem, participate in worthwhile recreational activities, and move forward in their lives.

Their amazing team works hard to ensure that our charity is able to deliver an outstanding mentoring to the children and young people who use our services. To find out more about the charity, click here:

We hope you’ll support and join us throughout the course of the next twelve months to help raise awareness of this fantastic cause.

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by Daisy Turton

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