Our unique flexible leasing product puts you in control. The minimum lease period is 28 days, but after, you can swap or return your car as often as you’d like.

Why should you choose a flexible lease?

Take control

Your contract, your terms.

You decide how long the contract is kept open for and if you need to swap vehicles then this can be arranged with a simple email.






Lightning-fast turnarounds

Need a car or van organised quickly?

We can get you in a vehicle within a matter of days from the initial enquiry. 



Probationary leases

If you or a staff member is starting a new role, our lease contracts can be tailored around your or the employee’s probationary period.

The car can be returned at any point after the initial 28 days with no termination charges.





Experience the latest models

90% of our fleet gets replaced every 6 months with the remaining 10% replaced every 12.

So you’ll get to experience the latest models and in-car technology without entering into long-term contracts.



Temporary stop gaps

If you’ve ordered a new vehicle or have a vehicle in repair and need to get mobile for an indefinite amount of time, our contracts will work around your schedule.





Seasonal leases

Stuck without a vehicle or need extra support during busier periods?

Our cars are available on-demand and can be organised within a matter of days.


What’s included?

Within your 28-day price, the following features are included within your 28 rental:

  • New vehicle (maximum age of 12 months old)
  • Full maintenance cover including servicing and tyres (punctures excluded).
  • Full UK-mainland breakdown cover and roadside assistance
  • Manufacturer warranty
  • 15,000 miles per annum (MPA) which is calculated on a pro-rata daily basis.

Deliveries and collections can also be included additionally as part of the contract and are charged at a standard fee of £0.89 Excl. VAT (one-way) per mile from our York office. Changeovers are also subject to this charge, but will only be charged one-way as the existing vehicle will be collected free of charge.

How does Flexible Leasing work?

Our short term car lease or flexible lease contracts work similarly to ‘normal’ lease agreements. However, unlike ‘normal’ lease contracts our minimum lease term is 28 days. After which, you can cancel or swap your vehicle at any point without incurring any charges to do so.

On this type of contract, we own the fleet and typically change 80% of our vehicles when they reach six months old onto the new registration.

Your rental comes inclusive with road tax, breakdown cover and maintenance. All you’d need to provide is your insurance and fuel and you’re ready to go!

All new applications are subject to a credit search which is conducted in-house. We look at every application individually and will consider all types of circumstances and credit history. Depending on the outcome, we may ask for a refundable deposit that sits on your account until the contract end.

If you’d like to proceed, please complete our application form and we’ll get this submitted to our underwriters. By doing this you are not committing to a car but are agreeing to a credit search. But this will allow us to set an account up for you making the vehicle allocation process much faster and ensuring you don’t miss out on our most popular vehicles.


Once your account has been created and is live on our system, changeovers are simple to arrange. Simply choose your choice of vehicle from the list provided and we’ll organise the rest.

Your chosen car will be selected and reserved with no payments required at this point. We’ll then send across another electronic agreement with your changed vehicle and will organise a new handover date.

If the new vehicle is of a lower or higher value, we will refund the difference between both rentals back to your direct debit.

Please note, when your existing vehicle comes back it will be subject to condition, fuel and mileage check. If there are any changes, your charges will be invoiced by direct debit.


If you have decided you no longer require your vehicle, we will need at least two-week notification period before the intended return date.

You can either email or call us to arrange this.

Once the vehicle is physically back onsite, it will be inspected for condition, fuel and mileage changes. If there are any changes, your charges will be invoiced by direct debit.

Five easy steps to get started:

  1. Select a car from our price list or brochure.
  1. Fill in a one-page online application form with your personal or company details. This will then be submitted to our in house underwriting team to perform a credit search.
  1. Once the application has been successful, you can secure your vehicle by making the first payment by credit or debit card. Following payments will then be set up by direct debit.
  1. We’ll organise a hand over date and you’ll receive your new vehicle details by email. You’ll also receive your electronic hire agreement for signature.
  1. Your car will then be prepared and ready for delivery or collection and once your ignition starts, your contract starts!

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