Our vast range of funding partners will find the perfect lease solution to suit you or your business. We can provide quotes for any make, model, mileage and contract length. The choice is yours.

Why should you choose a business lease?

It’s easy to organise

We’ll take care of everything. Simply let us know your budget and your ideal vehicle and we’ll organise the right contract suited for you and your fleet.





Helps to control costs

Prices are set on a fixed monthly payment for the agreed duration making it easier to control budgets.

Optional packages are available to consolidate costs into one package, taking away the hassle of owning a vehicle. Maintenance packages include servicing, maintenance and/or sourcing replacement vehicles.



Experience the latest models

Replace your fleet with a brand new vehicle every 12-48 months without having to worry about depreciation costs.

Your fleet will also benefit from the latest in-car technology and safety features.





Swap to a greener fleet

Modern vehicles are equipped with ‘greener’ fuel-saving technology which could save your fleet money in the long run.

Lease contracts make it easy to swap from a ‘traditional’ vehicle into a hybrid or electric option.



Free up extra capital

Instead of investing in vehicles and losing money with depreciating assets, lease vehicles will absorb these costs and it won’t need to be displayed on your balance sheet.





Gain tax advantages 

Business contracts are able to claim a percentage back on all rentals, VAT, excess mileage and maintenance charges. 

You may also have the option to offset monthly rentals against corporation tax.


What’s included?

With your monthly rental price, business contract hire includes:

  • A brand new vehicle supplied from a main UK dealer network.
  • Free nationwide delivery and collection to and from your preferred address.
  • Full manufacturer warranty.
  • Breakdown cover or roadside assistance (depending on warranty cover) will also be supplied with your new vehicle.
  • A Road Fund License per vehicle for the full duration of the contract.

Optional maintenance packages to include servicing, tyres and a relief vehicle are available. You can consolidate all services into one fixed monthly rental.

How does leasing work?

When you lease a vehicle, you are effectively entering into a long term rental agreement. You agree to a fixed monthly rental across a set time period. You will have a contracted mileage allowance in place, but this will be pre-determined before you enter a contract.

Contrary to popular belief, leasing a vehicle does not impose you with as many limitations as people think. You can still use the car how you see fit whether this includes taking it abroad or applying livery with your company logos. Although, unlike owning a vehicle, depreciation costs are absorbed by the funder.

How is the monthly lease price calculated?

Vehicle funders determine your monthly rental based on the following factors:

Initial rental

This is a one-off charge that is typically equal to 1, 3, 6 or 9 monthly rentals upfront. Typically the more you decide to put upfront the cheaper your monthly rental, however you pay about the same amount in total. It completely depends as to how you prefer to structure your payments

Residual value

This is how much the funder values your car to be worth for resale at the end of contract taking into account your contract length and annual mileage.

What happens at the end of the lease contract?

Prior to the end of the contract, your funder will contact you to arrange a collection day to return your vehicle.

Your vehicle will be inspected for changes in condition to the bodywork and mileage. However, inspectors will take into account ‘standard fair wear and tear’ through normal road usage of a guide can be found here.

Once your vehicle has been collected the funder will finalise account and if there any charges an invoice will be sent to you. Once the account is closed no further action is required and you can begin a new lease!

Five easy steps to get started:

  1. Fill in the form below with a vehicle you’ve had in mind including your budget, mileage and preferred contract term (12 – 48 Months).
  2. We’ll then send across a quote and if you’re happy you will need to fill in a one-page application form which we will send to the funder for a credit check
  3. Once the application has been successful, we’ll secure your vehicle with the dealer and send across an order form to you.
  4. Once a date is available from the dealer your financial documents will be released for you to sign.
  5. Your car will then be delivered to your chosen delivery address and your contract will start. Your initial and monthly payments will then be taken by direct debit.

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