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What is car leasing?

Car leasing is divided into two parts: short-term and long-term. At Autohorn Fleet Services, our short-term lease lengths range from 28 days through to a year, whilst long-term leasing is anything longer than 12 months.

With our short term-leasing contracts from our partners such as Flexed, you only have to agree to a 28-day commitment, so for example, if you were to agree to a six-month contract but only needed the car for three months, this could be changed without hassle.

Pricing for car leasing depends on many factors including car model, leasing length and mileage allowance. These allowances are displayed in terms of pro-rata daily annual mileage, which means that the amount paid up front depends on how many miles you predict you will travel each month. All of our leasing packages come with 24-hour emergency assistance, maintenance, road tax and vehicle recovery as provided by our trusted partners, on the condition that you have stayed within your agreed mileage limits.

Our range of leasing deals is ideal for those who may not know exactly for how long they would like to lease a car. For more information on our short and long-term leasing options, call 01904 557 536.

How can I lease a car?

Leasing a car with Autohorn Fleet Services is simple and can be done in one of two ways:

  1. You can fill in our online form and receive a free no-obligation quote. Just tell us how much mileage you need and what model you’d prefer, and we’ll send you a bespoke calculation.
  2. You can give us a call on 01904 557 536. One of our friendly customer care team will talk you through everything you need to know.

When you have made your decision on your desired model, mileage and lease length, all you need to do is get in touch. Once the paperwork has been completed, we can organise for you to collect your car the next day, starting from a 28-day commitment. After this initial time period, you can return the car whenever you like and will receive a refund if you return it before the agreed date. For further information, call us today on 01904 557 536.

What is needed to qualify for business car leasing?

As a business owner, there are a number of things which you need to be able to present in order to qualify for business car leasing. We will need audited accounts, bank statements, a proof of address and proof of ID from the main company director.

We may also need to conduct credit checks to ensure you will qualify for business car leasing. These checks will help us determine whether your business is a limited entity and will also help us to gain access to your business registration details. To talk through this process, speak to one of our friendly team by calling 01904 557 536.

Can I lease a car through my business?

As an employee, the easiest way to lease a car through your business is to opt into a scheme. These schemes will involve company car tax, or “benefit in kind” tax, as your leased car will be classed as part of your income.

If you are the owner of a limited company, cars can be leased by you personally or through the business. The easiest way to do this would be to approach a business leasing specialist, such as our partner Lease Go. One of the biggest advantages of leasing a car through your business is the tax cuts, for example, the amount of money which can be saved on VAT. However, you should be aware that your company will need to provide all the necessary documentation and could be subject to a credit check. For more information on leasing a car through your business, call us today on 01904 557 536.

How much does car leasing cost?

Calculating your final leasing cost depends on a number of factors – namely, the car model, the lease time and the total number of months for which you want to lease. Naturally, high-end models such as Mercedes or BMW are going to be more expensive than some other models, but there are other considerations.

For example, annual mileage predictions can also affect the final price – your monthly lease payments will be higher if you were to have an allowance of 20,000 miles per year than if you were to choose 15,000 miles.

Every leasing package comes with an administration fee as standard, and you will have to make a payment for the first month for your chosen mileage allowance. All subsequent payments will be taken at the beginning of each month via direct debit. Any exceeded mileage allowances will be calculated at the end of your hire time and you will be charged for these additional miles accordingly.

To talk with one of our advisors about your quote, call 01904 557 536.

Can cars be leased through a limited company?

At Autohorn Fleet Services we are happy to help you lease a car through your limited company, providing you are happy to go through the provisional checks. These will include credit history checks and confirmation of your business registration details.

If you are interested in leasing a car through your limited company, you should be aware that you will be liable to pay company car tax or “benefit in kind” tax. For more information on leasing your car through your limited company, call us today on 01904 557 536.

Which is better for me – buying or leasing?

Of course, buying a car has its benefits, and some may argue that leasing a car means that the driver never truly owns it. However, there are a lot more advantages to leasing a car than you might think. For example, cars depreciate in value rapidly, which means that if you were to lease, you would not have the hassle of having to sell a car which is worth much less than it was initially.

There are also no long-term commitments, particularly with short-term car leasing. All of Autohorn Fleet Services’ models are replaced every six months, meaning you will always be driving a high quality, new vehicle. This is particularly useful for those who want to drive the latest car but may not be able to afford it outright.

Leasing also includes road tax, 24-hour emergency assistance, maintenance and vehicle recovery, so it is much more of an investment than you might think. There are also no upfront costs, helping you to have a much more affordable motoring experience. For more information on leasing, call us today on 01904 557 536.

Will my car leasing deal include insurance?

Insurance is not typically included in your car leasing deal. As a driver, you will be required to provide proof of your full comprehensive insurance before you collect your vehicle. For more information about this, please call us on 01904 557 536.

Which car is cheapest to lease?

The final price of the car you choose to lease is dependent on a number of factors including the model, length of lease and mileage allowance you select. However, generally speaking, smaller hatchbacks are the most cost-effective cars to lease.

A car with a lower running cost is likely to cost you less overall. To ensure your car is cheap to run, choose a car with low CO2 emissions and high levels of fuel efficiency – these cars will have lower tax bands and this saving can be passed to you. Broadly speaking, any car with a higher amount of miles per gallon, such as a hatchback or diesel engine, will offer you the best fuel economy. For more information on our most fuel-efficient models, call us today on 01904 557 536.

How does business contract hire work?

If you’re an employer, business contract hire can provide you with a risk-free method of providing your staff with company cars. It works by calculating a fixed cost based on your business’ average mileage together with the total length of your chosen car’s leasing time. All you have to do is pay the fixed costs, enjoy your company car and return it to us when your contract has finished. To find out more about how business contract hire can work for you, call us on 01904 557 536.

Is business contract hire right for me?

Business contract hire is the best way for companies to provide corporate cars and provides many benefits for the employer. There is no hassle of having to sell your old vehicle when you purchase a new one, and there is no revenue lost from depreciation. We update our fleet on a regular basis, ensuring you always have an impressive fleet of corporate cars for your business at a low cost.

For a time and tax efficient car hire option, business contract hire can help. It will save you time on researching and purchasing company cars and can also keep your VAT costs down. In fact, if the vehicle has been used solely for business, you can claim back 100% of your VAT, and you’ll also save on maintenance costs. To discover more about how business contract hire will benefit your business, call 01904 557 536 now.

How will my company car be taxed?

Your company car will be taxed using “benefit in kind” tax. Akin to vehicle excise duty (the tax that you would have to pay if you had your own private car) the rate of tax is based on the vehicle’s CO2 emissions. However, depending on the g/km rate, (CO2 emissions per kilometre) your vehicle’s BIK tax will be determined as a different percentage of its overall value. So, the rate for more fuel efficient cars will be a lower percentage of the official P11D value, while less economic cars will have higher rates. For more information on company car taxing, call 01904 557 536.

How should I choose my company car?

Your company car should be impressive, aesthetically-pleasing and practical, including a spacious cabin and boot. It should also be reliable and efficient. When you choose a car with Autohorn Fleet Services, you’ll receive maintenance as part of your lease, and our cars are regularly updated to ensure reliability and comfort. For help on choosing your car, call 01904 557 536.

How much will vehicle maintenance cost?

You’ll make a huge saving when you hire a vehicle through Autohorn Fleet Services, as maintenance is included! For all other enquiries, please call 01904 557 536.

What are car emissions?

Car emissions are gases or other substances released into the atmosphere as your car’s fuel is burnt. These are emitted from your car’s engine whilst driving, and they can include nitrogen gas, carbon dioxide and water vapour. They are harmful to the environment and can increase vehicular costs such as road tax. To speak to one of our team about car emissions, call 01904 557 536.

What does my car’s P11D value mean?

If you own a private car, you’ll have encountered an OTR (on the road) price, which is different from the P11D value. The OTR price concerns the value of the car plus the registration fee and its first year’s tax. However, your car’s P11D value does not include vehicle excise duty, so the P11D value is the officially listed value of your car plus VAT. To find out more about your car’s P11D value, call 01904 557 536.

What is meant by mpg or m/g?

Mpg, sometimes referred to as m/g, stands for ‘miles per gallon’ and denotes how many miles your car can travel using one gallon of fuel. The higher the mpg value of your car, the more desirable the vehicle, and the more cost-effective it is to lease. Call us now on 01904 557 536 to find out more about fuel economy.

What is meant by g/km?

Used for calculating your car’s emissions, g/km is a measure which denotes how many grams of CO2 are pumped out for every kilometre that your car drives. The current average g/km rate is 138g/km. For more information on fuel-efficient cars, call 01904 557 536.

How can I calculate my BIK tax?

To work out your ‘benefit in kind’ tax, simply multiply your car’s BIK band by its P11D value. Your BIK percentage branding is calculated by your car’s CO2 emissions, which is indicated by its g/km rate. BIK tax bands can be obtained easily, and these percentages change every year. Your final BIK tax is adjusted slightly to suit your annual salary. To achieve this, multiply your figure by your tax rate, e.g. 20, 40 or 45%.

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