Autohorn makes a lucky escape

Autohorn makes a lucky escape

We’ve found one way to form a ‘healthy’ bond between you and your employees. All you need is a locked hot dark room, cryptic messages and a time limit in which team members have to escape. Failure to do so will result in being locked in the room forever……..!

We’ve spent the day with ‘Escape Game Events’, as the name suggests, are a company who offer escape style activities perfect for corporate team building events. So we got in contact, asked them to bring their portable room down so we can see what our staff members are really made of.

This idea came from the management meeting as part of our long-term goal to improve staff relations and communication throughout our organisation. It’s also great to be able to offer a fun rest-bite following one of our busiest periods this year. When first announced, we had a few nervous faces around the office but when the day came, the atmosphere inside the office was electric.

It was something different that nobody had done before and regardless of job title every member of our team had an equal part with to help with the escape of the room. A no easy task as it temperatures recorded inside were over 30°C inside and the room was poorly lit with clues on how to escape. Thankfully, nobody went crazy and each team managed to escape within the 45 minute time limit. One team even managed to set a record with no additional support given!

Inspired by favourite York locations, teams posted the following times:

Time Slot Time
Coppergate Crew 4.00-4.15pm 24m.31s
Feasgate Force 10.00-10.15am 26m.49s
Saviorgate Saints 3.00-3.15pm 27m.09s
Fossgate Fury 11.00-11.15am 28m.41s
Goodramgate Gang 12.00-12.15pm 33m.36s
Davygate Devils 2.00-2.15pm 33m.57s
Monkgate Mob 9.00-9.15am 36m.35s
Swinegate Seven 1.00-1.15pm 42m.00s

Winners got a lovely bottle of champers as well as exclusive bragging rights around the office. It was an incredible day spent with some brilliant people and we look forward to doing something similar again very soon! (Maybe once the weather has calmed down a bit).

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by Mark Williams

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