2016: A Year in Review

2016: A Year in Review


2016 started with a bang after Autohorn Fleet Services broke the record of having over 980 cars in their short-term fleet, following on from a successful trading year in 2015.

From this point onwards, Autohorn Fleet Services have committed to ensuring that customers receive excellent service levels from all aspects of the business to ensure this continuing trend of high sales figures.


In February a new vehicle funder joined Autohorn Fleet Services: Hitachi Capital Solutions. The addition of more funders helps Autohorn Fleet Services stay competitive within the long term car leasing market as it guarantees access to more lease deals.


In March, a fleet of ‘16’ plate vehicles was added to Autohorn Fleet Services’s collection to replace the older vehicles.

During this period, more than 500 existing customer vehicles were upgraded, whilst 168 new vehicles were arranged for new customers.

March was also one of Autohorn Fleet Services’s strongest months, seeing over 190 units sold including Contract Hire, Outright Purchase and Short-Term Leasing (Easilease.)


Following on from the success of March, April saw a continuing upwards sales trend, with another strong month for both Contract Hire and Easilease.


In May, Autohorn Fleet Services was invited to join the newest government initiative – Go Ultra Low. The team has committed to a fleet containing at least 5 per cent electric vehicles by 2020, a target which is currently ahead of schedule.

What is Go Ultra Low?

As supported by top car manufacturers such as Audi, BMW, Kia, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Renault, Toyota and Volkswagen, Go Ultra Low is a joint government and car industry movement which encourages drivers to make the switch from fossil fuel-powered to electric vehicles.

Learn more about Go Ultra Low here


June saw the full acquisition of the ‘Flexed’ short term lease brand following 2015’s success, which saw Autohorn Fleet Services’s on-hire figure jump from the lowest of 660 cars to a massive 980+ cars.

Autohorn Fleet Services are now one of the top 5 short term lease companies within the UK, offering cars nationally.  If you’d like to see what deals are available visit our short-term lease brand.


In July, Autohorn Fleet Services became working partners with another new vehicle funder, ‘Arval’ which is part of the BNP Paribas Group. Autohorn Fleet Services are proud to be working with Arval as this has afforded access to even more deals within the contract hire market, helping them to offer the most competitive lease deals around.

If you’d like to take a look as to what Autohorn Fleet Services has on offer, visit Autohorn Fleet Services’s contract hire website.


In August 2016 Autohorn Fleet Services were proud to call themselves the main sponsors for the Autohorn Fleet Services Micklegate Soapbox Challenge. The first event of its kind within York, Autohorn Fleet Services arranged for Micklegate Bar to be closed for a day to see homemade soapboxes roll through the cobbled street!

The event was heavily covered by local radio stations such as Minster FM, who helped increase awareness of the event, bringing in thousands of spectators to York city centre.


Akin to March, this month Autohorn Fleet Services took delivery of brand new vehicles on the new ‘66’ plate. This time round however, there were never-before-seen models in the fleet including the Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe, Audi A6 Avant, Audi A3 Sportback and the Mitsubishi L200 Pickup truck.

In total, Autohorn Fleet Services took delivery of over 800 of which 10% per cent were either electric or hybrid-powered vehicles. This set the team well on course for hitting their ‘Go Ultra Low’ targets set earlier on in the year.


In October, Autohorn Fleet Services ventured into a new market within the automotive industry: taxis. The company has now announced a new brand called Autohorn Fleet Services Taxi Services, offering taxi procurement supply to either local or national taxi companies.

Thanks to the success of this brand, more staff have been recruited to an already growing company!


November was a great month for Autohorn Fleet Services as they were awarded 2016 Responsible Business of the Year at the York Press Business awards, which were held at the racecourse on November 16.

This award has been given to Autohorn Fleet Services for their local community fundraising and engagement towards customers, staff members and the city of York as a whole.


Working with the University of York, employee training began in December. Everyone who is an employee of Autohorn Fleet Services has the option to enrol themselves on courses to improve their skills whilst working there and also to further their own personal development plan.

Read more here.

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